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List of Current Members and their Affiliations:

The list below represents the current role of dues paying members in BTES. Dues cover the academic year, starting September 1. If for privacy reasons you do NOT want your name to appear on this list, please email and it will be removed. If you would like to have your website information added, please also email to have it included.

This list is manually updated. If you have paid your dues and do not see your name listed please email.

last updated Monday, November 17, 2014 2:06 PM

Member Name
Aluge Ugbala, Lucky Lucky Links Construction  
Armpriest, Diane
University of Idaho
Azarbayjani, Mona UNC Charlotte  
Barnhouse, Mark North Dakota State University  
Batool, Ayesha University of Oregon  
Berk, Aysu Bilkent University, Ankara  
Boake, Terri Meyer
University of Waterloo
Bonham, Mary Ben Miami University  
Brause, Caryn    
Brock, Linda
University of British Columbia
Brown, Stephen Stephen Brown Architects link
Buccellato, Aimee
University of Notre Dame
Carbone, Carlo UQAM – Université du Québec à Montréal  
Carraher, Erin University of Utah  
Carroll, Michael Southern Polytechnic State University  
Cavanah, Ted Dalhousie University  
Chikaraishi, Nancy Drury University  
Chiuini, Michelle
Choi, Joon-Ho University of Southern California  
Christenson, Mike North Dakota State University link
Chung, Daniel Philadelphia University  
Cruze, Andrew Ohio State University  
Daas, Mahesh BSU  
Dean, William
SUNY College of Technology at Alfred
Dermody, Robert
Roger Williams University
Deutsch, Randy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
Doerfler, James
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Dong, Kevin California Polytechnic University  
Draper, Powell University of Maryland  
Dunne, Kathleen
Pratt Institute
Erdman, Jori Louisiana State University  
Fowlow, Loraine University of Calgary  
Galarza, Jose University of Utah  
Geren, Ron Taliesin, The Frank Lloyd Wright School  
Gines, Jacob Mississippi State University  
Gnat, Richard University of Nevada, Las Vegas  
Gomes, Francisco The University of Texas at Austin link
Gordon, Judy Kansas State University  
Grady, James North Carolina State University  
Gray, Timothy Ball State University  
Gregory, Alexis
Savannah College of Art and Design
Grieb, Brian Morgan State University  
Griffin, Corey
Portland State University
Griffen, Craig Philadelphia University  
Guénard, Clément Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada  
Guess, Alice Louisiana State University link
Gulling, Dana
NC State University
Hedges, Keith Drury University link
Herrmann, Hans Mississippi State University  
Hickey, Meg
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Hoffman, Ian Judson University  
Hoque, Simi University of Massachusetts - Amherst  
Hui, Vincent
Ryerson University
Hunsicker, Donald
Boston Architectural College
Jannasch, Emanual
Dalhousie University
Jaramillo, Ana Virginia Tech  
Johnson, Greg University of British Columbia link
Juroszek, Steven Montana State University  
Kensek, Karen
Kim, Ho-Sung University of Massachusetts  
Kim, Kyoung-Hee University of North Carolina at Charlotte  
Koester, Robert Ball State University  
Konis, Kyle University of Southern California  
Leslie, Thomas
Iowa State University
Markov, Ivan    
Martini, Kirk University of Virginia  
McGlohn, Emily Mississippi State University  
McGlynn, Michael Kansas State University  
McGuire, Catherine Dutchess Community College  
Moore, Erin University of Oregon  
Mueller, Caitlin MIT  
Murphy, Jane
The Ohio State University
Murray, John Paul City College of New York  
Narahara, Taro NJIT  
Neet, Miriam University of Nevada at Las Vegas  
Newman, Elysse Harvard University  
Newman, Winifred Florida International University  
Ng, Rashida
Temple University
Nichols, Anne
Texas A&M University
Nicholson, Gordon Louisiana State University link
Nikolov, Nikolai Lehigh University  
Noble, Douglas University of Southern California  
Oakley, Deborah
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
O'Brien, Michael Texas A&M University  
Ochsendorf, John MIT  
Ochshorn, Jonathan
Cornell University
Osborn, Brian University of Virginia, School of Architecture  
Papesch, Peter
Back Bay Green Initiative
Parikh, Rajiv Catholic University of America link
Pavlik, Bob Northeastern University  
Peters, Troy Wentworth Institute of Technology  
Quale, John
University of Virginia
Rand, Patrick NC State University  
Reicharg, Georg Virginia Tech  
Ripple, Jeana University of Virginia  
Rotolo, Chuck
University of Arkansas
Ruegemer, Jeorg University of Utah  
Sanborn, Stet Integral Group  
Savitsky, Orit Schenkar School of Engineering  
Schreyer, Alexander University of Massachussetts  
Simonen, Kathrina
University of Washington
Smith, John Big University  
Smith, Ryan
University of Utah
Smith, Shelley City Tech New York  
Snyder, Gil University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  
Sooter, Traci Drury University  
Stivers, Jerry Oklahoma State University  
Svetz, Rob Syracuse University  
Sykes, Brian Virginia Tech  
Taleghani, Mohammad Delft University  
Theodoropolous, Christine
Cal Poly
Tripeny, Patrick University of Utah  
Trubiano, Franca
University of Pennsylvania
Trudell, Carmen University of Virginia  
Trumble, Chris University of Arizona  
Trussoni, Matthew University of Miami  
Uihlein, Marci University of Illinois at Urbana Champlain link
Urness, Cindy North Dakota State University  
Utzinger, Michael University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  
Wasilowski, Holly    
Weinstein, Beth University of Arizona  
Whitehead, Rob
Iowa State University
Wrightsman, Bruce Kansas State University  
Zarzycki, Andrzej
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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