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Keynote Speakers

BTES Conference 2013
Roger Williams University | New Jersey Institute of Technology

July 11-13, 2013
Bristol, Rhode Island, United States


Two outstanding, award winning, educator / practitioners have already committed to presenting keynote addresses at BTES 2013; John Ochsendorf, and Eric Hines. All keynote speakers live and practice locally, saving on costs to invite them to the conference. We regret that Edward Allen who had initially intended to come and provide a keynote is unable to attend.

John A. Ochsendorf

Colin Ripley

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture
Class of 1942 Professor of Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering
MIT - Cambridge, MA, 02139

Education B.Sc. Cornell University, 1996 M.Sc. Princeton University, 1998 Ph.D. Cambridge University, 2002

John Ochsendorf, PhD is a structural engineer specializing in the analysis and design of masonry vaulting. He is Associate Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and holds a joint appointment between the Departments of Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering. At MIT, he directs a research program with an emphasis on historic masonry structures (see Ochsendorf studied engineering at Cornell University and Princeton University before earning his PhD in the structural mechanics of traditional masonry from the University of Cambridge in England. He studied masonry vaulting in Spain in 1999-2000 on a Fulbright Scholarship, and in 2007-2008, he spent a year studying vaulting in Italy after becoming the first engineer to win a Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome. In 2008, he was named a MacArthur Fellow by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.


Eric Hines, P.E., PhD.

Philip Beesley








Professor of Practice, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Principal, LeMessurier Consultants, Inc. Dr. Hines specializes in the design and renovation of building structures, renewable energy infrastructure, and the seismic performance of bridges. Recent projects include a collection of structural glass lobbies in Boston's Post Office Square; an innovative EBF design for the Dudley Square Police Station in Boston; towers in Beijing and Boston; and the Wind Technology Testing Center in Charlestown—the world's largest testing facility for wind turbine blades. Research interests include the seismic performance of low-ductility structural systems in moderate seismic regions, inelastic behavior of reinforced concrete structures, and assessment of building system vibrations due to trains and human activity. In 2006, the American Concrete Institute awarded him the Wason Medal for best paper and the Siess Award for excellence in structural research for his laboratory work related to the new East Bay Spans of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Since 2005, he has led efforts to develop a rigorous philosophy for moderate seismic regions that allows designers to practice according to fundamental principles instead of prescriptive requirements.

Dr. Hines writes and teaches at Tufts University about the history of structural design and its relationship to architectural design, cultivating a direct and dynamic link with his practice in Cambridge. He has taught structural design studios across the spectrum of undergraduate and graduate levels since 2003. This year he received the Henry and Madeline Fischer Award, recognizing him as "Engineering's Teacher of the Year" at Tufts.
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